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EXPOSARTS in a few lines

The concept (why reproductions?)

Graphic artists, as well as those who believe in the importance of encouraging creative artists, have always encountered the same problem of the availability of works. Generally, many obstacles hamper exchanges between creators and buyers; The fact that there is only one copy of the original work, the fair purchase price for originals which is often too high for the general public, static dimensions, and lack of accessibility are some of the obstacles that make it difficult for artists to sell their works.


Founded in Québec, EXPOSARTS sparked from the desire to create a network between artists in visual arts who are looking to promote and sell reproductions of their artworks without losing any of their rights, and visual art consumers who wish to buy limited reproductions of original works that meet their format and media requirements.


EXPOSARTS wants to become the core platform for the dispaly and purchase of graphic arts by creating links between artists and the public, and by allowing fair and equitable sharing of graphic works between people.


Make graphic works accessible to all and allow artists to draw revenue from their art.


We rely on values of integrity, sharing, fairness and the firm belief that we, as artists and public, can all work together to improve the field of graphic arts by acting as a multiplying agent aiming to embellish the environments in which we live every day.

How does it work?

Everyone wins

It’s easy: artists register on EXPOSARTS and create a portfolio of the artworks of which they agree to sell as reproductions. From then on, EXPOSARTS follows-up with potential customers interested in buying a reproduction of the work; Order specifications, payment, delivery, after-sales follow-up, etc. The artist receives a royalty for each reproduction sold, without losing his or her rights on the original works. For more information, refer to ourService Agreement.


The sale of reproductions protects the copyright of the original works. At any time the artitst may choose to remove artwork from his portfolio. He shall at all times remain the owner of all rights in the original works. For more information, refer to ourService Agreement.

Product payment process

For details on the payment process for purchased artworks, see Section 3.2 SALES TO CUSTOMER of our Service Agreement.

Offered products

Once the work is chosen, it is important that you can choose from different media options that will allow you to customize the work according to your needs: format, type of print, framing, etc. Consul tour page Type of print media to know your available options.


Delivery mode is set according to the instructions provided by the customer, either by regular postal service, or by courier service. In both cases, delivery costs will be entirely at the customer’s expense and added to the customer’s invoice when completing the purchase. The delivery fees charged by EXPOSARTS are determined based on item size and weight.

Shipping zone

EXPOSARTS delivers anywhere in the world. When you purchase a reproduction, delivery options will appear in your shopping cart. Choose the one that suits you.

Shipping cost

For the delivery of orders, EXPOSARTS relies on the expertise of recognized shipping companies. Shipping costs are determined based on item size, weight and shipping method chosen when completing the purchase. Shipping charges are those set by the chosen shipping company. EXPOSARTS does not charge any additional costs other than those set by the shipping company.

Warranty on return of damaged or non-compliant products.

EXPOSARTS guarantees the good condition of its products. The Use Agreement provides for the return of merchandise when it has been damaged during transport or if it does not comply with order details. For more information, consult our Use Agreement.

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